Customization Services

We support customization flexibly.

We are able to customize most of our products and make products to order. We have a flexible system to be able to carefully meet the needs of individual customers.

Customization Cases


  • Using a long spacer
  • Electroless nickel plating
  • Without alumite
  • Short hub type, etc.

ETP bushing (shaft connecting element)

  • Large bore diameter
  • Integral with the gear
  • Short sleeve type
  • Connection of only inner/outer bores, etc.

Spring-actuated brake

  • With increased torque
  • Large size
  • Ultra-small
  • Quietness (special plate and one-sided braking), etc.

Comments from Customers

Construction machine

We used to source the couplings connecting the engine and the hydraulic pump from an overseas supplier but it was difficult to obtain detailed dimension data.
We thus changed to Miki Pulley products that are simple in structure and easy to understand. And we have continued to use Miki Pulley products for the 30 years since then.

Bookbinding machine

A brake motor driving the blade in bookbinding machines must stop reliably for safety, have power, and be compact. It was Miki Pulley's product that met all the requirements.

Building cleaning gondola

We have been sourcing brakes for gondolas for a long time from Miki Pulley and there has never been a problem. Miki Pulley has met our demanding requirements and is highly valued by our customers at home and abroad.

Small-sized machine tool

Miki Pulley has made a light well-balanced aluminum custom coupling for us that meets our requirements. We highly appreciate that they delivered it in a short lead time.

Amusement machine

We use Miki Pulley's reliable ROSTA rubber springs in the moving parts of our game machines. The structure is simple so we were able to reduce the number of parts and simplify the assembly and design.

Semiconductor equipment

We appreciate that Miki Pulley makes various proposals that are in our interest in contrast to suppliers who require us to make machines according to their parts.

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