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Options of ANW (NHN/PMN) Types

Weight Type Index SD

A rotation speed indicator (SD model) can be built in the standard handle part.

Model Number of handle turns SD model for AN
AN□-02-SD 5 SD-53B-B544
AN□-04-SD 6 SD-53B-B545
AN□-07-SD 7 SD-53B-B546
AN□-15-SD 8.25 SD-53B-B547
AN□-22-SD 8.25 SD-53B-B548
AN□-37-SD 8.75 SD-53B-B549

*A red zone corresponding to the number of turns of the handle is provided for the SD model for AN.

Handle Mounting Square Hole for Adjustment during Stop TH

Fine adjustments and positioning can be performed easily by using the handle inserted to this hole during machine stop.
Mount the adjustment handle for adjustment during stop TH to the square hole bushing of the PE model speed change pulley to perform fine adjustments and positioning.

* Please order an adjustment handle for adjustment during stop (TH-125-12) separately.

[When the AN unit is mounted]

Model A B C D L X
AN□-02-TH 106 40 188 2 101 20
AN□-04-TH 125 44 188 2 122 20
AN□-07-TH 155 42 188 2 124 20
AN□-15-TH 185 53 185 5 151 20
AN□-22-TH 185 57 188 2 164 20
AN□-37-TH 216 74 189 1 175 20

[When the ACW unit is mounted]

Model A B C D L X
ACW-02PMN-TH 106 57 207 -17 136.5 20
ACW-04PMN-TH 125 49 198.5 -8.5 137.5 34
ACW-07PMN-TH 155 53 202 -12 150 20
ACW-15PMN-TH 185 60 197.5 -7.5 170.5 20

Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake Power Supply Unit BEH

Just connect the device to the AC outlet power supply (100/200 VAC) to receive the 24 VDC excitation power supply necessary for the electromagnetic clutch and brake. In particular, a combination mode to interlock the electromagnetic clutch and the electromagnetic brake enables high-accuracy and high-speed operation. The highperformance power supply also includes an auto-tuning function to automatically detect the connected electromagnetic clutch and brake and set the optimal operating conditions, as well as a variety of protection functions; for example, wiring, connection, and setting errors are indicated by an alarm sound to allow the user to easily remove the cause of the error.

Applicable unit Power supply unit model Input voltage [V] Output voltage [V] Output capacity [W]
ACW / ANB Common to all models BEH-10G AC200/220 ± 10% DC24 50
BEH-20G-1 AC100/115 ± 10% DC24 100

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