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Features of NSS Models

These are couplings with different shaft centers that use the crank motion of a link. Power input at one end disc is transmitted via a link and center disc to another end disc.The amount of eccentricity is determined by the length of the link. Power can be transmitted smoothly when shaft centers are different. And since power is transmitted by the crank motion of the link, translation of shaft centers during rotation is possible. The standard NSS model has 3 x 2 links, while quasi-standard NSS models increase the number of links and the rated torque.

Translation of shafts is possible

Since the crank motion of the link is used, the drive and driven shafts can be translated freely within the displacement range even when stopped or rotating under load.

Space saving

Couplings can be shortened in the axial direction and a larger amount of displacement achieved compared to the older combination of universal joint and spline.

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