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MP series Notes on design

Handling Precautions

Since Prospine magnet coupling uses a powerful permanent magnet, please handle with sufficient care.
(1) The operating ambient temperature range (upper limit) is 80℃. We can also provide heat resistant type (max. 150 ℃). Please confirm our sales agent.
(2) The transmission torque on the specification table assume 20℃ ambient. Even when the magnet is used within the operating ambient temperature range(40~50℃), please note that the magnetic force decreases in higher temperature atmosphere (40 to 50℃).
(3) Take necessary measures to prevent exposure to dust such as iron powder.
(4) It is dangerous for people, wearing electronic medical equipment such as pacemakers, to come close to the magnet Please make sure that this will not happen.
(5) Please be aware that when the magnet comes too close, it may cause malfunction to a magnetic recording mediums such as magnetic cards or precision electronic devices such as a watch.
(6) When strong shock is applied to the magnet, the magnetic force may decrease. Also, please note that when the magnet breaks, corrosion will progress from the fractured surface and results in demagnetizes.


(1) Please install a hard, highly slidable spacer between the magnets when you install the magnet coupling to the shaft.
(2) Basically, the pulling force between two magnets generates bending moment or thrust force. Sufficient consideration is required when you design and assemble the joint with magnetic coupling.
(3) Use nonmagnetic material such as stainless steel for the partition wall.
(4) The influence of magnetic flux can be avoided by separating the magnet by 50 mm or more from the object.

Other points to keep in mind

(1) The magnet will get weaker due to aging, but its rate is maximum 0.1 %/year. This should not be a big factor to worry about.
(2) When the product is used standalone, there is no problem with patents, but please note that it may become a problem depending on how it is used and in which application it is used.

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