Product Information

Features of BXR LE Model

This is the Spring-Actuated type brake which takes assumption that combining a special controller for controlling the electrical energy required for maintaining the electrical energy and the released state necessary for overcoming the spring pressing force in the initial releasing operation stage of the brake. Through this kind of design, it enabled the provision of various benefits such as energy-saving,low heat generation and compactness achievement.

A variety of merits

By using it in combination with a special controller, many advantages including 1/3 of power consumption, 1/2 in thickness and 1/2 in calorific value can be achieved.

Ultra-compact design with 1/2 of thickness compared with the conventional company product

Compared with BX series, which is the conventional company product, the thickness has been reduced to 1/2, and the lead wire that was taken from the outside diameter can be taken in the direction of the shaft of the reverse mounting surface. The limited space can be utilized as efficiently as possible.

Thorough reduction of rotor weight

High-intensity glass cloth has been adopted for the core material of the rotor to secure sufficient strength and to actualize overwhelming lighter weight.

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