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BEH Models (For ultra-high-speed control)


BEH Models (For ultra-high-speed control) Specifications

BEH Models


Input voltageAC200/220V ± 10%AC200/220V ± 10%AC100/115V ± 10%
± 10% Single phase, 50/60 Hz
Output voltageOverexcitation voltage Initial value 100 V, 0 to 250 V variable
Constant excitation voltage Initial value 24 V, 0 to 250 V variable
Reverse excitation voltage Initial value 100 V, 0 to 250 V variable
Voltage control method PWM control
Output current2 A4 A4 A
Applicable clutche/brake size06 ~ 1606 ~ 3106 ~ 31
MIKI PULLEY electromagnetic-actuated clutches and brakes Rated voltage DC 24 V
Protective functions Undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection/detection, break detection, element overheating protection, input-side fuse (20 A)
Usage environment-10 - +50℃ / 10 - 90%RH



[Operating Settings]

Operating settings SW (SW3) Switch No.ON (Up)OFF (Down)OFF
1Settings/operating modesSetup modeOperation modeOFF
2Stand-alone/interlocked modeStand-alone modeInterlocked modeOFF
3Break/overcurrent detectionEnabledDisabledOFF
4Current/voltage controlCurrent controlVoltage controlOFF
5Control AUXEnabledDisabledOFF
6Jog operationEnabledDisabledOFF
7Slope operationEnabledDisabledOFF
8One-shot operationEnabledDisabledOFF

[Terminals and Functions]

Terminal symbolTerminal nameFunction description
R-SPower supply input terminalConnector for a commercial power supply
CL-PClutch output terminalConnector for a clutch
BR-PBrake output terminalConnector for a brake
GroundExternal ground terminal (third class ground or more)
1Power supply terminal +Positive terminal of control power supply (shared with the internal supply's +24 V)
2Power supply terminal -Negative terminal of control power supply (shared with the internal supply's 0 V)
3Control AUXWhen operating switch 5 (AUX operation) is on, executes the operation of the conditions set in the table.
4Control clutchTurns output between P and CL on and off.
5Control brakeTurns output between P and BR on and off.
6・7Alarm output 1A relay that operates during an alarm stop (relay output)
8Alarm output 2Output operates during an alarm stop (transistor output)


Operating response

The circuit construction is completely contactless, and response from signal input to output to the electromagnetic-actuated clutch or brake is fast and stable. The operating speed of the electromagnetic clutch or brake is also increased to the limit speed by the overexcitation and reverse excitation functions. This is the top-of-the-line model for electromagnetic clutch/brake power supplies. It achieves ultra-high-speed control and high precision.

Noise During Operation

The BEH models are quiet power supplies.
Electromagnetic clutches and brakes normally produce howling sounds during operation. The quiet design of BEH models eliminates such sounds.

Output Control System

You can select either Stand-alone Mode, which controls stand-alone electromagnetic clutches and brakes independently, or Interlocked Mode, which is suited to combination control of electromagnetic clutches and brakes.
There is also a diverse array of other operating modes, such as current control mode and jog mode. These are compatible with a diversity of applications.

Supply Voltage Fluctuations and Output Voltage

BEH models control output voltage to be constant even with a certain amount of supply voltage fluctuation. This ensures stable output even in locations with a bad power supply environment. Variations in electromagnetic clutch/brake response disappear.
However, overly large voltage fluctuations will be sensed as abnormal voltages and set off an alarm. To ensure proper operation, keep supply voltage fluctuation to within a range of ± 10%.

[Wiring methods and timing charts]

Operating mode (Operating Settings SW-2 Off)

Stand-alone operation mode (Operating Settings SW-2 On)

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