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Materials Procurement

Basic Policy of Procurement

To procure the materials, services, etc. needed to produce and supply products for customers, we will abide by the relevant laws and regulations, place high value on global environmental consciousness, promote open and fair trade with suppliers, and build reliable partnerships with them.

Basic Policy of Procurement

Flow of Purchase


Miki Pulley Green Procurement Standards

The role of Miki Pulley Group for the global environmental preservation issues for all human beings is to make contributions by providing environmentally conscious products and technologies.
In line with the basic philosophy to achieve the ultimate harmony of the environment and business, we will make contributions to society by developing new technologies and products that will be effective in environmental conservation.

We have established the Miki Pulley Green Procurement Standards which are standards for procurement activities in order to give priority to environmental load-reducing materials and services.

Miki Pulley Group will abide by these procurement standards and work together with suppliers to promote green procurement in order to preserve the environment.
The cooperation of all suppliers is appreciated.