About Us

Message from the Representative

Innovative manufacturing responding to the changes of the times.

In the production of goods, it is of the utmost importance that one be in step with the times and present conditions.

This is especially true nowadays, when there are so many changes occurring all over the world, and when environmental concerns are so prominent.

On the other hand, there are some things about business that remain unchanged regardless of time and circumstance.

For our company, it is our passion and faithfulness, our contributions and sense of responsibility to society, that have remained constant for over 75 years.

We at Miki Pulley believe in contributing both to the industry and to society. To do this, we combine our passion for transmission control equipment, technologies developed over the years, and our anticipation of the future, using them to stay in step with present conditions and deliver quality products that our customers can find new value in.

Harukazu Miki, Representative Director and President of Miki Pulley Co., Ltd.