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The logo of Miki Pulley symbolizes three concepts. MIKI PULLEY

Speed Control
We are surrounded by a great number of machines that have different functions and characteristics. To make the best of these functions and characteristics, the necessary speed must be provided.
For example, cars are required to enable drivers to freely control acceleration and deceleration; for example, reduce speed as the car approaches a red signal or brake suddenly if someone runs in front of the car. To enable speed control, all cars have transmission gears, a brake, and a clutch. Speed control is very important for machines.
Our first speed control product was a belt-type stepless speed changer invented in 1954. It was able to freely change the output rotation by changing the diameter of the belt pulley surface and transmit the power. It was a great hit. This product developed over 40 years ago and still has great demand. To meet the needs of the times precisely, we have provided various speed control products, such as Zero-Max one-way clutch speed change drives (for machine control), general-purpose belt units, electrically controlled DC motors, servo motors, and invertors. The spirit that developed the belt-type stepless speed changer is still alive in all our speed control products.
Positioning Control
An example of positioning control is a robot arm that picks up a part and drops it in a specified hole.
What is required to make the machine do this job is positioning control.
And what is the most important element for positioning control is precision.
Positioning control is required to satisfy the functions and purposes of machines.
A wide variety of positioning control products therefore are required to meet the needs of industry.
We provide a wide variety of products ranging from electromagnetic clutches and brakes suitable for rather rough positioning control to direct drive motors and servo motors used for highly precise positioning control. For example, a direct drive motor employs electromagnetic force to drive things without the need of a mechanical speed-reduction mechanism, and its outer rotor structure is able to generate a large torque. It also features ultra-high precision, high reliability, space saving design, and high-speed positioning.
Our greatest strength is the wide variety of positioning control product offerings which allow customers to select the best model depending on their applications and purposes, and we no doubt lead competition in this respect.
Our technology is also top class in the industry. We provide high-performance products to meet the expectations of users.
Rotation Transmission
If a power source is directly linked to the main shaft of a machine tool, what will happen? The probability that trouble will occur is nearly 100%. The reason is simple. A slight unbalance always occurs with all machines even if an effort to increase the precision is made. What solves this problem is a shaft coupling that connects two machines to transmit the rotation.
When a coupling is put between both machines, a means of escape is created, enabling the vibrations and shocks generated by the unbalance to be easily absorbed and reduced.
A coupling plays a role of connection between things. It is no exaggeration to say that it is used in all machines.
Nevertheless, there are still various problems to be addressed, such as a machine with a lot of vibrations, a machine rotating alternately in normal and reverse directions, a machine subjected to a large impact force, a machine used at high temperatures, and a machine that is roughly structured. There are also problems with dimensions and costs.
To address all those problems, a wide variety of coupling products are in particular required for power transmission products, and at the same time, it is important to fully understand industrial machines. We meet these two requirements.
In addition to the wide variety of couplings, we offer safety devices, such as torque tenders, and ROSTA anti-vibration mountings. There is no other company that can provide such a variety of couplings.
Our couplings are at the forefront in terms of variety and high performance.